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Hello, world! My name is Meredith Romano. I’m a full time pharmacist but when I’m not taking care of patients, I’m cooking & eating! If you’re visiting my blog, then chances are you’re a lot like me — busy, not a professional chef, and looking to make some positive & healthy diet changes. 

My health journey has spanned many years. I’ve always enjoyed working out but always told myself that I went to the gym so I could “eat whatever I want ” (eye roll). Looking back, that view is so flawed and naive I’m embarrassed to even put it in writing. I never saw changes in my body and in fact I continued to gain weight despite the many hours I spent in the gym. 

Eventually, I found myself at my highest weight, extremely unhappy, self-conscious and desperate to lose weight. I decided to place more focus on my diet. I started by learning how to determine my macronutrient requirements and tracking every single calorie I ate. I did this for over a year. I lost weight, but wasn’t quite reaching my goals. I kicked it up a notch and added in intermittent fasting. I tried a ketogenic diet. I tried a raw vegetable diet. I tried a low carb diet. You name it — I tried it. And guess what? They all work as long as you’re in a calorie deficit! I lost weight. But at what expense? I was obsessed with tracking every calorie, spent hours formulating meal plans that met my macronutrient goals, and shamed myself for enjoying cheat meals and cocktails. I knew it wasn’t sustainable and I would eventually need to find balance.

Thats when I discovered CrossFit and was introduced to a Paleo diet. I was instantly hooked. It led to a complete lifestyle transformation for me. No tracking calories. No restrictions. Through all of my personal experience, I’ve developed a simple philosophy when it comes to health: Eat a balanced, nutrient-dense, whole food diet and everything else will fall into place. Its just that easy. I now follow an 80/20 rule. I eat whole foods 80% of the time and enjoy other treats like pizza, ice cream, alcohol, etc 20% of the time (and I don’t feel bad about it). The weight loss, weight maintenance, increased performance in the gym, etc. all came naturally once I got my diet in check. Nutrition is key!

Combining my new lifestyle and my love for cooking, the Dishing It blog was born to share what I’m cooking and in hopes of helping others on similar paths. I’ve spoken with so many people who can relate to my journey. Most of us are busy — we work full time jobs, have children to care for, enjoy thriving social lives, have hobbies, travel, etc. More than likely, you’re not Alton Brown or Rachael Ray and don’t have a culinary degree or much cooking experience (neither do I!). And if you’re here, you’re health conscience and looking for healthy recipes to incorporate into your diet. If any of those scenarios apply to you, then you’re in the right place!


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